The Income & Recharge Advisory Committee is responsible for advising and recommending the functional, financial, and compliance viability of the income and recharge activities that represent a higher level of risk to the campus.

The committee is composed of 11 standing members and 2 fixed-term faculty members.

  • Fixed-term Faculty membership: The Academic Senate Committee on Committees will be given the opportunity to appoint two members to serve one to two-year terms.
  • Standing membership is comprised of the following staff members:
    • Associate Vice Chancellor, Budget & Planning (Chair)
    • Executive Director, Academic Affairs [or designee]
    • Associate Vice Chancellor, Business & Financial Services [or designee]
    • Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research [or designee]
    • Vice Chancellor, Administrative Services [or designee]
    • Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs [or designee]
    • Chief Procurement Officer [or designee]
    • College of Letters & Science Representative
    • College of Engineering Representative
    • Extramural Funds Representative
    • Sponsored Projects Representative


  • Vice Chancellor – Chief Financial Officer


  • Budget Director
  • Income & Recharge Analyst