Chuck Haines
Vice Chancellor - Chief Financial Officer
(805) 893-8541

Alicia Melero
Executive Assistant
(805) 893-3958

Budget & Planning Contacts

Kerry Bierman
Associate Vice Chancellor
Budget & Planning
(805) 893-6118

Budget Office

Budget Office General Questions

Michael McGrogan
Budget Director
(805) 893-4746

Ambar Campos
Budget Analyst
(805) 893-2684

Eric Newlove
Financial Planning Analyst
(805) 893-4889

Erica Vizcaino
Income and Recharge Analyst
(805) 893-4052

Capital & Physical Planning

Josh Rohmer
Director, Capital & Physical Planning
(805) 893-4931

Areas of Responsibility: Overall Supervision of the Capital Development Office, Campus Planning Committee, Liaison to Development Office, Capital Program, Project Approvals

Diane Galt
Associate Director, Capital Development
(805) 893-2491

Areas of Responsibility: Pre-design Project Planning & Budgeting, Major Capital Projects, Project Approvals, Annual Reporting, Campus Planning Committee

Anna Lin
Senior Facilities Requirements Analyst
(805) 893-5945

Areas of Responsibility: Management of Space Inventory Database, Minor Capital Projects, Campus Space Reporting, Analysis and Support of Capital Program

Janet Tucker
Educational Facilities Planner
(805) 893-4890

Area of Responsibility: Campus Planning Committee, Minor Capital Projects, Major Capital Projects, Space Planning, Project Programming, Project Approvals

Campus Planning & Design

Shari Hammond
Associate Director, Campus Planning & Design
(805) 893-3796

R. Craig Smith
Senior Planner
(805) 893-7009

Reinah Urqueza
Senior Planner
(805) 893-3265


Financial Planning & Analysis

Rachel Robbins
Director, Financial Planning & Analysis
(805) 893-5989

Pete Saucier
Business Systems Analyst
(805) 893-4359

Kassandra Gossweiler
Financial Planning Analyst
(805) 893-8586

Institutional Research, Planning & Assessment

Steven Velasco
Director, Institutional Research, Planning & Assessment
(805) 893-8487

Specialization: Planning studies, analytical studies, enrollment estimates

Laurel Wilder
Associate Director, Institutional Research, Planning & Assessment
(805) 893-2144

Specialization: Research and Evaluation Studies, Survey research operations manager, consultant to the Committee on Admissions, Enrollment and Relations with Schools (CAERS)

Joshua Kuntzman
Principal Assessment Analyst
(805) 893-4031

Specialization: Assessment of student learning, consultant to the Council on Assessment

Nancy Carrada Zuniga
Survey Research Analyst
(805) 893-2730

Specialization: Survey research operations and consulting

Yali Chen
Data Administrator / Institutional Research Analyst
(805) 893-7232

Specialization: Database administration, faculty teaching workload, analytical studies

Yolanda Luo
Institutional Research Analyst
(805) 893-4820

Specialization:  Data visualization, enrollment reporting, instructional workload and course enrollment reporting, institutional surveys.