General Special and Non-ASF

000 - Assignable Areas Not in Current Use


Data Value Name: INACTIVE

Description: Use this code only after discussing it with the Space Inventory Analyst.

Exclusions: Rooms being modified or not completed at the time of the inventory are classified as Alteration (030). Includes all rooms which are physically available but not currently used.


Data Value Name: UNFINISHED

Definition: All potentially assignable areas in new buildings, shell space, or additions to existing buildings left unfinished at the time of the inventory.

Description: This category typically includes areas which are part of a larger structure; e.g., a floor or basement area which was not finished off along with the remainder of the building. Unfinished area is distinguished from projects under construction as follows: projects under construction implies the structural elements and the internal components of the project are under construction (i.e., space not complete): unfinished area refers to internal components of a completed construction project that have been deferred as part of the capital (or construction) plan. Unfinished area is reported as assignable and charged to the proprietary department. The area is measured in the same way as open-loft-type space and adjustments are made to reflect the actual construction of partitions, quarters, etc., only when the interior is finished off. If an area is being used for any assignable purpose, whether or not it is unfinished space, it is to be classified according to the appropriate primary or service code; e.g., an unfinished area used as classroom storage should be coded as Classroom Service (125).

Exclusions: Intended on for unfinished part or shell area of a building or addition; the parts that are in use should be appropriately classified.

Data Value Name: ALTERATION

Definition: Rooms temporarily out of use because they are being altered, remodeled, or rehabilitated at the time of the inventory. Rooms in this category are generally reported in the inventory as being assigned to the proprietary department.