Appointed by: Chancellor

Reporting Relationship: Advisory to the Chancellor

Office of Record Responsible for Minutes: Office of Budget and Planning

Meeting Frequency: Once per month during the academic year, and as needed during the summer months.

Charge: Advise the Chancellor on all matters relating to long range planning, major capital project development and physical environment, including:

  • Implementation of UCSB's 2010 Long Range Development Plan in a manner consistent with the academic goals of the campus.
  • Area and master plans: landscape; graphics; site studies; parking; circulation.
  • Proposals for major capital projects: academic impact; land use; budget, operating and maintenance costs; aesthetics; environment and impacts on other campus resources.
  • Priority setting for State and non-State funded major capital projects.
  • Amendments to the State and non-State capital improvement programs.
  • Selection process for executive architects and campus consulting architects.
  • Design and siting of new buildings, exterior alterations and site improvements.
  • Progress of capital projects to ensure consistency with approved campus objectives.

The Campus Planning Committee serves as the primary contact for the initiation of administration/senate consultation throughout the major capital planning process. Documents and materials relating to physical planning and major capital improvement projects will be provided to each member of the Committee.

It is the responsibility of each member to distribute documents and materials to the group s/he is representing and to consult with and represent her/his constituents to CPC. The timely completion of the Committee tasks is critical to the success of the major capital planning process at UCSB.