Below are guidelines, tools and scenarios developed to assist campus analysts with mapping employee groups and budgeting for Composite Benefit Rates (CBR).

Mapping Employee Groups

To identify the appropriate CBR, the following employee information is required: (1) Employee Class (Equivalent to Appointment Type in PPS), (2) Benefits Eligibility configuration (BELI equivalent), (3) Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) status, (4) Job code (Title code equivalent) and, in a few instances, (5) EARN Code (DOS code equivalent). Please note that in UCPath, benefits eligibility is stored on the employee’s Benefits Primary Job. For this reason, when evaluating Benefits Eligibility, UCPath will look only at the Benefits Primary Job for the Eligibility Configuration 1 value and may override the CBR rate.

Mapping FAQs

Q. What distinguishes “Partial Benefit Eligibility” and “No Eligibility”?

A. Partial and No Benefit Eligibility groups are determined by BELI code. BELI codes 2-4 are considered Partially Eligible, BELI code 5 is considered Not Eligible. BELI code P should be coded “Postdoc”. An employee with BELI code 1 will qualify for one of the other groups based on additional parameters. If an EARN code is in the Summer Salary range the BELI code will be overridden and the group assigned, “Faculty Summer Salary”. If the employee class is 5, “Student: Casual/Restricted” or 11, “Academic Student” or the Job code is in the student series, the BELI code will be overridden and the group assigned, “Student”.

See the BELI chart here: for information on BELI codes.

Current Summer Salary EARN codes include: 986, 9CC, 9CS, 9G0, 9G1, 9H0, 9H1, 9X4, 9Z7, A8C, A8R, A8S, A8T, A9C, A9R, A9S, A9T, ACA, ACR, ACS, ACT, AF8, AF9, AFR, ASN, S8S, S9S, SSR

Q. Who falls within the “Other Academic” group?

A. Other Academics with BELI 1 are mostly non-faculty, non-student academics such as Academic Coordinators, Project Scientists, Researchers, Specialists, Librarians, UNEX Teachers/Dean, and Non-Student Readers.

Q. Who falls within the “Student” group?

A. Employees within the Student group include Teaching Assistants, Teaching Fellows, Remedial Tutors, Readers, Tutors, Student Interns, and Student Assistants. Employees assigned Employee Class 5, “Student: Casual/Restricted” or 11, “Academic Student” will be grouped in the “Student” CBR group.

Employee Mapping Tool

Linked below is a tool to assist departments with the assignment of groupings to employees. UCPath will assign these groups automatically to existing employees, but this tool can be used to assist with budgeting new or existing positions.

Last updated 11/28/2018