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Planning Data Book


What is the Planning Data Book?

The UCSB Planning Data Book is compiled annually by the Office of Institutional Research, Planning & Assessment as a basic planning and reference document. Its information falls primarily into the following areas: instructional load (workload) enrollments, headcount or enrollments by major/department, degrees awarded, student ethnicity, academic unit profiles, and institutional organization charts.

Why did you move to a digital version of the book?

Producing hard copies and CD-ROMs, as we have in the past is resource intensive. In keeping with the campus' effort to reduce expenses and paper use, a digital distribution system made the most sense. Additionally, a digital distribution model will allow for the future incorporation of additional features such as access to updated data as soon as it becomes available and access to more historical data.

Do I need any special software to use the Data Planning Book?

There are three kinds of files available for download: PDFs, MS Excel workbooks, and Zip Archives. To be able to open the PDFs, you will need a PDF reader installed on your computer, such as Adobe Reader or Fox-it Reader. The MS Excel workbooks can be opened with Microsoft Excel. Downloads that contain multiple files can be downloaded as a .zip file, which can be extracted with tools available as part of your OS. Most PDF readers can be downloaded for free by clicking on the links above. However, MS Excel is commercial software and you must have a copy already installed on your computer.

Where can I get a hard copy of the Planning & Data Book?

If you wish to use a paper copy of the PDB, you can access a printed copy in one of two ways:

  • There is a hard copy of the Planning Data Book available in the Davidson Library behind the reference desk for checkout.
  • The Office of Institutional Research, Planning & Assessment will house two additional hard copies available for checkout for short term use. Please contact Jennifer Chau at x4820 or at to arrange checkout.

Can I access the Planning & Data Book if I'm not online?

The contents of the what was on the CD-ROM in past editions of the Planning Data Book can be downloaded here. Storing these files on your local hard drive will allow for offline access.

What are the sources of your data?

The elements of the Planning Data Book are compiled from a variety of sources across campus such as the Office of the Registrar and the Office of Financial Aid. To learn more about our sources for individual measures, please consult the glossary.

I found some information in the Planning Data Book I believe to be incorrect. Who should I contact?

Thank you for taking such a close look at the UCSB Planning Data Book! Please let Jennifer Chau (x4820 or or Steven Velasco (x8487 or know about the problem you have identified and we will be happy to look into the matter.

I have an idea for a measure that I think would be useful to many in planning for the University. Can you add this to the Planning and Data book?

We are always open to suggestions and would sincerely appreciate your feedback. Please send your ideas to Jennifer Chau (x4820 or or Steven Velasco (x8487 or

How can I communicate my feedback about the Planning Data Book to Budget & Planning?

Please direct all questions, comments, or feedback to Jennifer Chau (x4820 or or Steven Velasco (x8487 or