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Capital Development

Campus Planning Committee

The Campus Plan is a vision for the physical future of UCSB. Goals were to develop a plan that relates to the natural surroundings while creating a coherent environment of buildings and landscape that enhances bicycle transportation, accommodates additional assignable square feet, improves architectural design, and relates to Isla Vista

The Campus Plan responds to the disorderly and cluttered form of the existing campus by recommending a more orderly sequence of grand campus spaces, enabling the addition of a potential 2 million assignable square feet to create a more open and spacious campus.

The 2 critical elements in achieving this transformation are the commitment to the regulating plan when developing individual capital projects, and to the principle that new buildings are consistent with the design guidelines.

The principles of the Campus Plan are to:

  1. remove temporary buildings and one-story structures,
  2. orient buildings and open spaces to the ocean and mountains,
  3. create a coherent grid system of campus open space based upon the vistas,
  4. define a regulating plan of development zones within a grid system,
  5. organize circulation in well-defined areas and routes,
  6. ensure that each building contributes to the reinforcement of this order by adhering to the regulating plan,
  7. ensure that building designs adhere to architectural guidelines.