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Composite Benefit Rates

UCSB is transitioning to Composite Benefit Rates (CBR) for employer paid benefits on September 1, 2018. A CBR aggregates individual benefits components and costs across a given employee grouping and represents them as a percentage of payroll. Employer paid benefits are pooled and charged at a single rate rather than the multiple charges currently assessed.

Benefits included in CBR: Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance; Medicare & OASDI taxes; Post-Employment Health Benefits; Pension & Other Retirement Contributions; Worker’s Compensation Insurance; Unemployment Insurance; Disability Insurance; Life Insurance; Benefits Administration.

Benefits not included in CBR (which should be budgeted for separately): Accrued vacation leave (separate rate); UCRP interest assessment (separate rate); Tuition remission; Graduate Student Health Insurance; General, Automotive & Employee Liability insurance (GAEL); and other miscellaneous taxable income benefits not contained within the CBR.

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