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University of California Undergraduate Experience Survey (UCUES)

UCUES collects a broad range of data about the academic and co-curricular experiences of undergraduate students at the University of California. UCSB participates in UCUES every two years. The survey is administered during the spring quarter, and all UCSB undergraduates are invited to participate.

A comprehensive description of the structure, content, and methodology of the survey can be found at the UC Office of the President (UCOP) UCUES website.

Summary charts of UCUES data for UCSB students can be found at these links:




Each year's summary charts include the following topic areas:

Academic Engagement
(e.g., gains in academic and life skills, participation in academic activities such as doing research with faculty, reasons for choosing one's major, factors that can interfere with academic success)

(English language background, self-reported social class, immigration background)

Student Satisfaction
(e.g., satisfaction with academic experience and with social experience, satisfaction with courses and instruction, the importance of research opportunities as part of an undergraduate education)

Civic Engagement
(Participation in community service, types of community service work)

Student Development
(e.g., time spent on academics and employment, time spent on non-academic activities, student leadership and involvement in clubs and organizations, gains in social skills, post-graduation plans for seniors, career intentions)





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